All of our animals take part in the Meet Your Match® program to determine their personality characteristics including social interaction, playfulness, energy level, motivation and drive. As a potential adopter, you will be asked to fill out an Adopter Survey, answering simple questions about how you want your new pet to fit into your home and family.

The survey has 18 questions to help determine which “Canine-ality™” or “Feline-ality™” would best match your expectations regarding experience, lifestyle and home environment. Based on how you answer you will be given a purple, orange, or green colour coded Guest Pass. Then use your colour as a guide to match yourself with your new family member.

Our trained and experienced counsellors will guide you and you new family member through the first few days and the many more to come. Our staff are always available for follow up. Learn more about our Meet Your Match® Adoption Program and take the adopter survey by visiting