Wish List

For Rats
Rat food, Rat bedding – Aspen, Yesterday’s News  (no cedar or pine), rat kenneling – small wired and aquariums with wire tops, rat toys for enrichment. rodent water bottles or heavy ceramic bow

Cleaning Supplies
Disinfecting wipes, laundry soap, window/glass cleaner, bleach, Q-tips, paper towels, hand soap (liquid), dish soap, garbage bags

Office Supplies
Video camera, power washer, printing paper, pens, markers, bristol board, colour copier

For Cats
Canned cat and kitten food, non-clumping litter, KMR (kitten supplement), cat toys

For Dogs
Canned dog food, leashes and collars, used towels and bedding (blankets, comforters etc.), dog toys and stuffed animals

For Other Animals
Rabbit and guinea pig food (pellets), hay, liquid vitamins for guinea pigs and rabbits, pine or aspen shavings, fresh fruits and/or veggies (for the rabbits)

Canadian Tire money, prizes for special events

For Horses
Round bale feeders, Slow feeder hay net for round bales and square bales, Halters, Lunge lines, Rubber water buckets, Corner feeders, Salt licks, Toys for enrichment, Gift cards to Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies, Donations to help cover the costs of care, including veterinary attention and hoof care

Feliway and Adaptil sprays bottles and plug-ins, bubble machine, bubbles, baby mobiles, dog/cat board games, slow feeders, ping pong balls and muffin tins.