Cleaning Supplies

Laundry soap, window/glass cleaner, Q-tips, paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap (liquid), dish soap, garbage bags (black & clear), hand sanitizer, sandwich & freezer bags

Office Supplies

Power washer, printing paper, pens, paper clips, white-out, permanent markers, white board markers, post-it notes, scotch tape

For Cats

Canned cat and kitten food, non-clumping litter, KMR (kitten milk supplement), cat toys, feather/toy wands

For Dogs

Canned dog food, leashes and collars, used towels and bedding (blankets, comforters etc.), dog toys and stuffed animals

For Other Animals

Rabbit and guinea pig food (pellets), timothy hay, liquid vitamins for guinea pigs and rabbits, pine or aspen shavings, fresh fruits and/or veggies (for the rabbits), rabbit chew toys


Canadian Tire money, prizes for special events, pet safe ice melter


Feliway and Adaptil spray bottles and plug-in refills, bubble machine, bubbles, baby mobiles, dog/cat board games, slow feeders, ping pong balls and muffin tins.


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